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Leaving Fire Monkeys

So, the day came and Carrie and I have left Fire Monkeys, the collective project we were involved in starting seven long years ago. Recently the word "Collective" had become a serious misnomer for a group that is now merely a few individuals sharing a studio - there hadn't been even an online meeting for months and, well anyway, it's over. The lease is up at the end of June anyhow and we felt it was in our best interests to start the new year with new horizons rather than dragging on for half a year doing nothing much in something of a toxic environment.

In that spirit we both attended the Portsmouth Creates networking event last night and although it was a bit chaotic I think it will prove useful to be involved. Even more so if the promise of half a dozen events a year holds true as these will necessarily be more "themed" and therefore more helpful. Last night there was a definite spirit of 'make this work' despite the crowded, noisy room and even I managed a bit of minor networking and learnt all about Instagram QR codes!

In further positive news, the Yellow Edge spring exhibition kicks off with a PV on Friday and runs for two weeks. It's a lovely gallery and even though it's in Gosport; there's nothing similar this side of the harbour yet and it's only a 15 minute walk from the ferry, so why not take and hour or two out of your day and visit? There's a record shop a few doors down, and an excellent craft ale bar nearby too. As part of this bright, new future I hope Yellow Edge will be something I get involved with far more often and to good effect.

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