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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Every so often, particularly if I haven't had a specific idea for a while, I'll go through my "used canvasses" and see which I can reuse; those old paintings that haven't worked or are not particularly good, and paint over them. I've been working on five such canvasses and the results are nearly in. Four are finished (the three below plus "Dawn Storm") and the fifth is on its way but still needs much more resolution before I'm happy with it despite how much Carrie likes the colour!

They are going to be named after various T-Rex tracks, which I've still to decide, but I'm fairly satisfied with how they're turning out.

In other news, the Flower Power exhibition at Yellow Edge is in full swing and on Sunday I'll be taking Sakura down there for the Spring Open. I do hope you're able to see them.

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