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Ric Robinson is a visual artist and printmaker based in Portsmouth UK

Born in Johannesburg, Ric has a global view of art and life in general and is firmly internationalist and pro-European.


His work reflects many aspects of his life and surroundings and ranges from found object sculptures to intimate wildlife portraits. Often working with acrylics when painting, Ric has also used oils and other substances on his canvasses in an effort not to limit his options. He is also to be found working with diverse objects and materials to create sculptural pieces, and slowing down with the painstaking process of relief printing, using lino or wood, so that studio life is rarely dull.


Ric has studied art at South Downs College and was a founder member of the Fire Monkey Arts Collective. He has work in both the Portsmouth City Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.


Ric Robinson Art

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