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A while ago I watched two programmes on gambling, one of which was presented by Pompey hero and self-confessed addict, Paul Merson. Both highlighted, in different ways, how gambling companies never lose and the devastating effects on the victims of gambling addiction. Not long after I started noticing the so-called health warnings being placed on the hundreds of adverts for betting firms, the most common of which was "When the FUN stops, stop". This seemed to me to put way too much emphasis on the word fun, with its big sparkly letters, and not enough on 'stop'. It also seemed wholly inadequate in dealing with helping gambling addicts of restricting the power and reach of betting companies. It gaslights the victims as unable to control themselves and hides the constant urging to bet more, more often, with free bets, free spins, money back offers etc, while all the time restricting the opportunity to actually win. The slogan reminded me of the equally pointless "Smoking MAY damage your health" warning placed on cigarette packets back in the 70s before tobacco companies were eventually forced into more and more meaningful warnings.

With suicide where gambling is a factor estimated at over 350 a year, the betting industry needs to do more, and the government needs to regulate and curtail.

Anyway, I made this in response:

It takes the industry's emphasis on FUN and puts it in a gold frame but with its sparkly dots made from skulls to show the cost of such careless mass promotion of betting as a regular hobby where only the weak-willed lose out.

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